The Vendor Perspective

Vendor Benefits

Be in people's pockets, literally. On their mobile phones, permanently.

Real-time SPECIALS promotion broadcast. Advertise whenever you want. Change your mind whenever you like.

Perfect for perishable goods that have to be sold as soon as possible.

No subscription fee. Suitable for seasonal producers who only need burst-style marketing campaigns during seasonal times.

Vendor Specials provide ONE unified platform for a variety of items from unrelated markets (bread, garden tools, flowers, petrol, etc). Appear on the radar of people who would otherwise never even take notice of your business.

People who installed the Specialist app on their phones explicitly want to know about the latest specials & bargains.

Consider the popularity of WhatsApp:

Text messages, picture messages, internet phone calls. Functionality that had been already available separately for quite some time. Along comes WhatsApp, combines these functions in ONE app, and people instantly start loving it. Why? Because its simplicity is of the utmost convenience - no thinking required.

Convenience rules supreme.

The Vendor Specials platform consolidates the multitude of vendors' SPECIALS promotions into one SPECIALS LIST. All-in-one and permanently made available to consumers in the Specialist app. Only one swipe away from people's SHOPPING LIST - and therefore only one shopping trip away from YOUR SHOP.