An Intuitive Shopping List

The Specialist App

Specialist is a purpose-built intuitive shopping list app.

It also contains several advanced features, most notably Category Ordering and the Shared List for families/groups.

Categories can be used to create the virtual equivalent of a supermarket's floor plan and/or aisle layout. Category Ordering allows for sorting the items on the shopping list in the same order as the sequence of supermarket sections the user is passing through on their shopping trip.

The Shared List is an additional shopping list on the internet that is shared between family members or room mates. It can be thought of as a replacement for the magnetically pinned shopping list on the refrigerator at home.

The Specialist app integrates a view of the SPECIALS LIST which resides on the internet. The SPECIALS LIST presents all currently active specials from all participating vendors to every app user.

App users are notified when new specials appear on the SPECIALS LIST. When users browse the list and see an item they like, they can swipe it on to their SHOPPING LIST. Thus, they are reminded of purchasing the item the next time they go out shopping.

Real-time customer notifications. When a vendor uploads a new item on special, app users are notified immediately.

Shoppers receive ads about items on special from a multitude of vendors in one app. No need to install a plethora of retailing apps.

Specialist can be used completely independently from its marketing aspect. NEW SPECIALS notifications can be turned off by the user.

Available on Android and iOS.

Specialist Home Screen Specials List View
Specialist Home Screen Specials List View
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