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Consumer Benefits · The Specialist App

  • Any way you like it.
    Use Specialist to keep yourself informed about local SPECIALS. Or turn off SPECIALS notifications and use Specialist purely as a shopping list.

  • Have a good look at Specialist's categories feature. It can be used to create the virtual equivalent of your supermarket's floor plan and/or aisle layout. Category ordering allows for getting your shopping list items presented to you in the same order as the supermarket departments when you are out shopping.

  • Create a Shared List to get an additional shopping list on the internet that can be shared between multiple phones.

    Share a list between your work phone and your personal one, for instance, or between family members or room mates.

  • The integrated SPECIALS LIST presents you with specials from a multitude of vendors. Swipe interesting specials on to your shopping list to make sure you don't forget buying them.

  • Maintain ONE general shopping list. Planning to go out shopping again? Look in ONE place and ONE app.

  • Most likely you are already using many email addresses, social media accounts, and stand-alone retailer apps. Unify your day-to-day shopping "news sources" by using Specialist.

  • No need to sign up to and manage the mailing lists of vendors you are interested in.

  • No more searching for potentially missing email promotions in your SPAM folder.

  • No need to copy-and-paste interesting items from your email account to a home-made shopping list.

  • Don't get bombarded with random ads. You are in control over what you see.

  • Filter ads by vendors that interest you.

  • Select ads from regions that are relevant to you.

  • Receive new specials promotions in real time, as soon as they are made available by vendors.

  • If you like products by a particular vendor, then Specialist will always keep you up-to-date, so you won't miss out on any of their specials.

  • Always have current vendor details, like phone numbers and business hours, right at your fingertips.

  • Available on Android and iOS.

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