The Devil's in the Details

Modern Marketing Issues

Random "shotgun" marketing is not very effective.

Cutting through social media noise is hard.

All over the place:

Email promotions end up in mail apps. Web ads are displayed in web browsers. Different apps. Different locations. Nowhere near the consumer’s shopping list. For consumers to remember the information, they must MANUALLY add it on to their general shopping lists.

Email promotions:

Many of those get lost in SPAM folders. Many are forgotten in the user's INBOX.
Email promotions that manage to catch the recipient's attention and interest face another problem. How are the users supposed to put the information on to their personal shopping lists? Use Post-It notes? Scribble on a piece of paper to be kept in their wallets or purses?
Inconvenient and cumbersome. In one word: a hassle - a thing everybody dislikes.

Conversely, consider the popularity of WhatsApp:

Text messages, picture messages, internet phone calls. Functionality that had been already available separately for quite some time. Along comes WhatsApp, combines these functions in ONE app, and people instantly start loving it. Why? Because its simplicity is of the utmost convenience - no thinking required.

Convenience rules supreme.