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Start Shooting At Fish

It’s not easy to get people’s attention.
You can put up a blackboard in front of your shop, or run some other kind of marketing campaign.

In either case, you will have to wait passively for your customers to notice your ad and “bite”, like an angler baits his line and waits for the fish.

However, there is a way to ACTIVELY send your promotions straight to consumers’ mobile phones – without annoying them.

The Specialist app.

Closing The Distance

Email promotions end up in mail apps. Web ads are displayed in web browsers. Different apps. Different locations. Nowhere near the consumer’s shopping list. For consumers to remember the information, they must MANUALLY add it on to their shopping lists.

Conversely, the Specialist app integrates a shopping list and a receiver for specials promotions in ONE convenient little app.

Thus, Specialist gets your specials promotions within swiping distance of people’s personal shopping lists.

Something For Everyone

Give your customers the Specialist app, and everyone gets something:

  • Consumers get an intuitive shopping list.

    The app features a built-in link to the SPECIALS LIST for specials promotions.

    App users who like a special on the SPECIALS LIST simply swipe the item across the screen and on to their SHOPPING LIST.

    Once a special is on a person’s shopping list, it will not be forgotten, but purchased on the next shopping trip instead.

  • Vendors get a permanent promotion pipeline to a growing number of app users.

    Specials promotions added to the SPECIALS LIST are reaching Specialist app users in real time, any time.

With Specialist, you as a vendor are in people's pockets. Permanently.
On their mobile phones, as close to the heart as it gets (nowadays).

Get Invited

Use the Specialist app to send your specials promotions straight to your customers.

Similar to sending TEXT messages, only better.

Customers who install the app are actually INVITING you to send them your promotions.

Always Getting Through

A simple swipe from the SPECIALS LIST will add your item on special on to a user’s SHOPPING LIST - and right in to that person's long term memory.

Thus, your special will be REMEMBERED.

Put your specials on the SPECIALS LIST and Specialist app users will be notified right away.

Your specials will be NOTICED.

Specialist app users are in control over the ads they see, ensuring that they do not get annoyed.

Your promotions will be WELCOMED.

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