The Big Picture

To Each Their Own - For Mutual Benefit

Vendor Specials gives something to everyone.

Consumers get Specialist - an advanced & intuitive shopping list app.
And a receiver for relevant shopping news from their favourite local vendors.

Vendors get a permanent real-time pipeline for SPECIALS promotions.

Making the connection is simple.

Consumers only need to install Specialist. The app is permanently connected to the SPECIALS LIST on the Vendor Specials platform.
Every time a new special is added on to the SPECIALS LIST, every Specialist app user is notified and the SPECIALS LIST is brought to the user's attention.

Vendors have two options of adding specials on to the SPECIALS LIST:

  1. The Vendor Admin mobile app

    For people who prefer using mobile phones to do their business.

  2. The Our Specials admin web app

    For those who prefer using a web browser on a desktop PC.

Specials Admin Options

Specials Flow Illustration

Vendor Specials connects the consumer's lust for SPECIALS with the vendor's good sense for business.

Specials Promotions · A Practical Example

For you as a vendor, promoting your specials is quick & easy.

The example below illustrates the use of the Vendor Admin app.

You use the Vendor Admin app to create, manage, and upload your specials to the Vendor Specials platform.

The very moment you tap the UPLOAD button in the Vendor Admin app (or its web-based equivalent), every Specialist app user is notified about the arrival of a new special on the SPECIALS LIST.

Vendor Action Illustration (click image for full size view)

Click for full size image view (in new window/tab)

It works a bit like a modern telegraph wire connection - hit that UPLOAD button in the Vendor Admin app and the bell will ring in the Specialist app.

Virtual Purchase Definition

When Specialist app users browse the SPECIALS LIST they might see a special they really like. If they wish to buy the item, then they can simply swipe it on to their SHOPPING LIST - thus ensuring that they won't forget purchasing the item on their next shopping trip.

Swiping an item from the SPECIALS LIST on to the SHOPPING LIST is called a Virtual Purchase.

A virtual purchase indicates genuine user intent of buying an item in the real world.

Once an item is on a user's shopping list, it will be purchased on the next shopping trip.

Virtual Purchase Illustration (click image for full size view)

Click for full size image view (in new window/tab)

Note that accidentally swiping a special on to a SHOPPING LIST does NOT count as a virtual purchase!

Items swiped off the SPECIALS LIST need to remain on a shopping list for at least 10 seconds before they are considered virtual purchases.


Service Vendor Pricing Consumers

Promoting your specials on the SPECIALS LIST does not cost you anything, as long as app users are only browsing the list.

Virtual purchases can be monitored in your online account here on the website.
2 Months Free!

Growing Your Customer Base

Time is on your side - it grows your audience.

For you as a vendor, successful deployment of the Vendor Specials platform depends on how many of your customers are using the Specialist app. The higher the number of app users, the higher the number of eyeballs seeing your specials promotions.

Therefore, we provide you with in-store marketing materials to help you bring the Vendor Specials platform to your customers' attention.

The number of Specialist app installations is also growing by word of mouth. Usually, new app users mention the Specialist app to their family and friends.
If they too wish to install the app, then they can use the built-in function Share App, which displays a QR code for quick app installation on any phone.

The number of Specialist app users is further increased by the growing number of vendors using the Vendor Specials marketing platform.

Customer Base Growth Illustration

Customer Base Growth

Remember, each new app user is one more potential buyer of YOUR SPECIALS.

Rounding Out The Picture

Just in case you still have not had enough information (just kidding):

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Getting Started

Give it a try and see if you like it.

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